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root-canal-treatmentsVery often when caries is not detected in time, it advances deeper inside the tooth and affects an inner tissue located in its core, called the pulp, which functions supplying blood and nerve sensation to the tooth. It causes pain and in many instances a root canal is needed in order of stopping the pain. A root canal can be performed in one appointment or may require several visits to the dental office depending on whether or not there is an infection, which might require antibiotic therapy prior to finishing the root canal.

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Caries, a deep filling, and a crown fracture are among the reasons that can lead to the need for a root canal treatment. Once those negative stimulus affect the pulp(the innermost tissue inside a tooth and that is formed by a nerve and blood vessels) it becomes swollen with varying degrees of inflammation. Depending on the stage of inflammation, the nerve can or can not recover leading in the worst case to the need for the removal of the pulp. That empty space (root canal) has now to be filled up with a thermoplastic material called gutta-percha. There are teeth that have only one root canal as they are single rooted. Others have two to  three roots and can have between three and four root canals. Hence depending on how many roots and canals a tooth has the root canal treatment might be a simple procedure or might require more work than usual.

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