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dental-fillingCaries appears in a tooth once the enamel demineralizes enough to weaken its structure. If the carious tissue is not stopped, it can affect and infect the pulp, leading ultimately to the need for a root canal treatment. Once the caries is removed that empty space needs to be filled up with composite resins which have been developed in order of providing the look and the physical properties of the natural teeth.

Dental education.

Foods, especially carbs, acumulate on the teeth surface creating a microscopic film of bacteria and the products of their digestion, which is mostly lactic acid. The lactic acid starts demineralizing the outermost surface of the tooth and…if saliva does not remineralizes it back…then the caries lesions begings.  When the caries appears on a tooth surface, It advances through the enamel until it reaches the dentine, which is the contiguos tissue underneath the enamel and the one that protects the pulp(a tissue composed of a nerve and blood vessels). The hard tissues of the tooth become soft and in many cases a cavitation is created.

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