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Oral-SurgerySometimes teeth have to be extracted because there are conditions that dictate a different approach might have negative consequences for the overall patient’s health, and that’s the case of a diabetic patient with a Generalized Aggressive Periodontitis. The infection of the gum and the tooth supporting structures can impact the patient’s underlying condition “and viceversa.

A vertical root fracture is another example of a situation which does not allow for a different type of treatment. Ranging from simple tooth extraction to removal of impacted third molars(wisdom teeth) oral surgery requires the use of local anesthesia. Sometimes the procedure is not simple and the term “surgery” might be used. Scalpels, surgical hand pieces and other hand instruments are employed in order of facilitating access to impacted teeth and fractured root tips.

Sutures are placed in some instances  in the area of extraction for obtaining primary wound healing and a better recovery for the patient.

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