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Many are the indications for the fabrication of crowns and bridges, including replacing missing teeth, smile design, covering a tooth with a root canal treatment, among others. nowadays porcelain crowns are fabricated with materials so well developed that they mantain the look of the natural dentition at the same time that provide enough resistance for chewing and mastication without breaking.

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When a tooth has a root canal treatment performed on it, it is recommended to fabricate a crown for covering it, like a cap. The crown preparation and the crown by itslef allow for a more proportionate distribution of the forces of mastication through the tooth and down the root in a structure thats has already been weakened, offering then a great protection against future fractures, which still could ocasionaly occur in a crowned tooth if conditions like teeth grinding or clenching exist.

Bridges are used to replace missing teeth, but can be employed also when natural diastemas exist, when a removable prosthesis is not desired, and when aesthetics play an important role in the patient’s everyday life.

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